This is how you can participate in Buff Wild Games!

If you own a GENESIS BUFF you can dive right in! If you do not own a Buff follow the instructions below!

Step 1

Decide how many Buffs you would like to purchase. Each Buff Wild NFT is 100 XRD. There is a max wallet limit of 200 Buffs.

For example, if you wish to purchase 10 Buffs, it will cost 10 x 100 XRD = 1,000 XRD

Step 2

(a): Send XRD from your personal wallet (NOT AN EXCHANGE wallet) in multiples of 100 (100, 200, 300… 15,000) in accordance with how many BUFFs you wish to purchase. ONLY SEND XRD to the Buff Wild Crew Wallet, any other token will ignored and lost; AND

(b): Include the word random in the message text (no capitals, no whitespace), and make sure the message is NOT encrypted. Finally, send the transaction to the Buff Wild Crew wallet address, which is:


Step 3

Please allow at least 5 minutes for us to find your BUFF(s) in the herd and send them to you from across the stormy plains of the Midwest. (Some of these storm hardened BUFFs can be a little stubborn!)

Step 4

You will receive a transaction with your BUFF token(s), and a message with your randomly assigned unique BUFF number for your Buff Wild NFT(s). Do NOT transfer your BUFF token(s) to any other wallet, only the purchasing wallet will be recognized for ownership.

Any refunds due to invalid purchase transactions will be subject to a fee of 2 XRD to cover network costs.

If you run into any issues with the purchasing process please reach out to any of the Crew Council or Community team members on Telegram, Discord, or Twitter and we will assist you accordingly.

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