Baby Buff Adventures

Official Baby Buff Adventures Whitepaper, last updated November 2022

Baby Buff Adventures (BBA) is the first P2E game launched on Radix. It focuses on exploration, combat, and puzzle solving. Holders of any Buff Wild NFT can earn weekly $CREW rewards distributed to the BBA Leaderboard!

Baby Buff Adventures's Mission Baby Buff's mission is to reward community members with an expressive way to earn and have fun on Radix. We want to bring a different approach to Play to Earn systems in a way that is expressive and deep with lore.

Vision for the Future In the future we see Baby Buff Adventures having deep combat systems with expressive playstyles. Expressive ways to customize your character with purchasable cosmetics along with faction based rewards depending on performance. We want to continue to build on current and future implementations of BBA.

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